"What a great meeting we enjoyed at Joshua Creek. All the Past Presidents had a wonderful time and many will return. I know I will. Your staff was amazing in their abilities to make us all welcome and make for a meeting free of problems. Please convey our thanks to your staff who did a great job making a memorable time for the Past Presidents of Shikar-Safari Club International. - George Matthews, Past President

"I just wanted to express my sincere thanks to you and your staff at Joshua Creek. We had one of the best experiences of our lives. Not only did we both shoot an impressive Axis buck and doe, we enjoyed the wonderful atmosphere, esthetically and the element created by the hospitality of your employees. Joshua Creek is great for couples. We hope to return next year for some upland bird and turkey hunting. We are referring all our hunting friends to Joshua Creek because we know they won't be disappointed." -Scott Murray, Houston, Texas

"Monday night was awesome...Your staff and the guide were very good in every way. Wonderful family experience. Thanks to all!!!" -Art Wilson, Boerne, Texas

 "Fabulous wingshooting at Joshua Creek - the birds flew like wild quail." - Bill Brewster, member of Congress, Washington, D.C.

"Congratulations on this award [Sporting Classics Magazine, Hunting Lodge of the year 2013]. The years of investment and hardwork have been recognized by those of us who have enjoyed JCR throughout the years, but it is great to see that you have the recognition of excellence from the industry.
Best wishes for continued success." - Joe Birdwell, American Southwest Company, Austin, Texas

"Thank you so much for everything y'all did to accommodate our group. We all had an amazing time and everyone gave first-rate reviews of the facility. We look forward to coming back next year." - Sylvia Kneupper & Scott Beavers, NuStar

 “We had an exceptional stay this weekend!  Every single person at the ranch went above and beyond to ensure that our stay was extraordinary.  Some of my guests are already planning to book their next events at Joshua Creek Ranch.  You all make it look easy!”- Daryl Dilworth

"Just came here to enjoy a little sporting clays shooting. Thought the staff and course were all first class. Wonderful place. I will definitely be back." - Todd Holst

"Just want to say thanks for a great experience at JCR.  The hunting was awesome and service is very attentive."   - Tom Moorman, Unum Group, Sugarland, Texas

“JCR is an incredible place to spend time. I have been out three times this season and hope to make it out one more time before the season ends. All of the staff there are great to work with and very helpful. I have been coming to JCR for eight years now and look forward to many more years of hunting there.“
-Jeff Eppinette, San Antonio, TX

"Thank you for a wonderful time at Joshua Creek shooting quail. You just can not have more fun than that. I greatly admire what you have accomplished there."
 -  J. Marvin Smith III 

"For over 20 years, I have organized an annual trip to Joshua Creek Ranch for a diverse group of bird hunting friends and colleagues from across the country. We've hunted elsewhere too, but Joshua Creek Ranch is the only place that we return to year after year. Why? It starts with beautiful surroundings, excellent guides and dogs, plentiful and hard-flying birds, comfortable accomodations and first class cuisine. A fine pro-shop and target shooting facilities ensure that you are ready for the adventure. Also, travel logisitics are very easy since the Ranch is just 45 minutes from the San Antonio airport. However, the secret ingredient is their incomparable Texas-style hospitality. From the owners and throughout the staff, a friendly, can-do attitude meets every request. Joshua Creek Ranch consistently delivers a top quality experience that keeps bringing us back to the Texas Hill Country. We'll be there again next year!"  - Michael E. Jones, CEO, Clover Capital Management, Inc., Rodchester, NY

"Ann, I just read the article on JCR in Covey Rise magazine. WOW, what a great piece! You and Joe have made JCR the premier bird shooting resort in the US. You deserve the praise the author heaped upon you and your operation. Congratulations!" - Edward Manion Jr., Tuscon, AZ

"As usual, everything was perfect. Thanks for the hospitality." - Robert L. Potter,  President, FMC Technologies, Inc. Houston, TX"

"I enjoyed the Knights of Columbus Sporting Clays Shoot far more than I expected thanks to the lessons and assistance I had from Joshua Creek Ranch Instructor, Eric Harrison. I worked on what he gave me and added to it and did far better than I would have on the shoot. This has started me on a great new hobby and passion." -Clifford Ward, Dripping Springs, TX

"We hold our Senior Management Retreat in San Antonio each year, and had previously shot at another venue in San Antonio, but I must say it does not compare to your place!! Our group absolutely enjoyed our sporting clays shoot at the ranch yesterday – thanks to you and your team for the great hospitality!” – Rick Cumberland, Sr. Vice President, Greystone Management Services

"This is the best day of quail hunting I've ever had in my life." – Chuck Wechsler, Publisher, Sporting Classics

"By sheer force of will and two generations of commitment to the land and its clientele, the Kercheville family has wrought their ranch into one of the crown jewels of Texas hunting.  The architecture, cuisine and furnishings elevate the spirit of Texas Hill Country into a hunter's gift." – Irwin Greenstein, Publisher, Shotgun Life

"Honestly, the hunt was incredible, the bird presentation and quantity exceeded my expectation, the office/ front desk service was great, food was excellent, the guide and dog work exceptional and the ranch is in great shape.  Not sure what I could add to make it any better."  – James DeVoglaer

"Just wanted to let you know how much Tom & I enjoyed our time with you.  Please tell our guide, Steve, that I promise to shoot more than 3 times on my next visit!  I LOVED it but was too amazed at the whole "hunting experience."  We can't wait to come back!  Thanks again for everything!  We've already told several people about your great lodge & experience!  Keep up the great work!"  - Shawne & Tom Batterbee

"I took a team of 5 people, 3 of whom had never hunted and 4th never hunting quail.... We had a blast!  The ranch was great, food was good, and it was a tremendous success from the business side as well.  Just thought I would congratulate you and the team at Joshua Creek for running a fine operation."  –Steve McKenzie, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Meridian Automotive Systems

"I have been to Joshua Creek several times and each has been a great experience.  The only thing that would have been better was to get to stay longer!" – John Marietta, MD

“Thanks for an incredible evening at Joshua Creek. But even more, thanks for twenty years of great times for family, friends, and business associates. You’ve created a hill country jewel and all of us have benefited. “ –George Karutz

“Bill and I had a delightful time being at Joshua Creek as we do always. It is ever the case that I feel better each time I drive through the gate.” – Marvin Smith

On Trident Page: “Congratulations! This is wonderful news, but no surprise to me. So pleased you are receiving the much deserved recognition.” – Mike Burke

"Great guides, good personalities, [they] go the extra mile" – John R. Witman

“Please express our appreciation to the staff for a job well done. We had a very nice hunting experience despite the intermittent rain. The pheasant hunt was a lot of fun and the food was excellent. We hope to come back next fall.” – Leonard Wilson

“Thank you for your gracious hospitality, the wonderful time with the boys, now men, in the field and elsewhere. Lots of fun! Many forever memories were made this weekend between fathers and sons and friends. We had a ball!” – Stuart Shaw

“I just wanted to express my thanks to your staff for their gracious hospitality and delicious meal. I have never seen so much of nature’s beauty in one place!” –       Linda Ford

“My family has enjoyed Joshua Creek Ranch in so many different ways from just playing in the creek, to bird hunting, deer hunting, kid’s camp, sporting clays, staying in your wonderful accommodations, and eating your fantastic meals. What an incredible place you have! I just can’t get enough of it!” – Diann Watson

“Congratulations on the Beretta affiliation. It sounds like Beretta’s evaluation process was extensive; and, the fact that Joshua Creek Ranch was one of four selected is quite impressive. Clearly, you and the entire JCR Team are committed to Excellence. This already sounds like a case study for the University of Texas Business School Review!” – Lloyd Straits

“Charlie had a great time [with the Youth Program]! This is the most I’ve heard him talk about anything for a long time!” – Demi Grola

“You are to be congratulated on twenty years of success. Your efforts and vision have provided many with wonderfully memorable times. Thank you for an enjoyable day and for ongoing good times at JCR.” –Marvin Smith

“We just picked up our son, August, from JCR camp and WOW! We knew it be great but had no idea how “over the top” your camp would be! All the boys were beaming with enthusiasm, sportsmanship, camaraderie, and pride. Thank you so much again!” – Dore’ Koontz

“We found kayaking the Guadalupe a great way to relax and unwind while taking in some of the most beautiful scenery we’ve seen in years.” – Fred Jones, Houston

“Unlike a lot of things in life, where ‘frequency’ builds boredom or indifference, the annual JCR adventure gets better and better. I couldn’t imagine a finer time! Life is short and memories are dear! You continue to add to our memories!” – Bill Wilson

"My only complaint was my own doing - I didn't stay long enough!" – Ken Valka

"Your Chef’s presentation of the entrees was exceptional and unique! The Axis venison with peppercorn sauce was superb. We enjoyed everything about our meal! It is so awesome that a couple can spend a few days together having so much fun in such a beautiful and often romantic setting. Most ranches do not have queen bed accommodations. Our stay was awesome and we will tell many future customers. Thanks again.” – Mary Ledet

“The Stone Haus is cozy and comfortable, there’s room for our whole family, and we love the privacy! It’s just beautiful… from the lush Oriental carpets in the den and dining area, to the uniquely decorated bedrooms, we LOVE staying there!”

 “One of the best!”

 “Excellent Service” - “You have fine tuned your establishment over the years. Everyone in my group was thrilled with the hunting, food, and hospitality. You should be proud of your staff! I’ve hunted in many places and your hunt is at the top of my list for the 5-Star experience!” – Mark Gingles - Stewart Title

"You folks do a great job, and the hunting areas were in great shape!" – Joe Soules, San Antonio, TX

"Wonderful place, excellent staff, great accommodations, and the best bird hunting I have ever seen! Five Stars!" – John Whitman

"I haven't hunted in over 20 years and really enjoyed the overall experience.  The entire weekend was great.  Overall the staff was outstanding, and I can't think of anything that could have been done to improve on my experience." – Steve Bradley

"I deer hunt all of the time, but this walk-up bird hunting was the most fun I have had hunting in as long as I can remember!" – Mathew J. Hay

"This was my first time at Joshua Creek.  The experience exceeded my expectations.  The Joshua Creek team made our clients feel like family.  I will be back every year!" – Brandon Beaver

"I have been told that I needed to come to experience that "quail-ity" of your facility.  It was beyond all my expectations and will certainly visit again.  I look forward to getting to know the property better so that I could enjoy it even more." – Ken Valka

"One can literally put oneself into the pages of Grey's Sporting Journal.  It was the hunt that I've read about many times but haven't before experienced.  I look forward to coming back!"

"Great facility, the staff is pleasant and efficient.  What a great place to visit!" – John Whitman

"You employ an outstanding team at a wonderful place.  I look forward to returning and continuing to recommend to friends and clients!" – Adam Goldman

"Everything was fantastic! The people were great; the food was great; and the hunting was great!   The rooms were so nice that my wife would have also been satisfied if I would have brought her; next time I will!" – Allen Sanders

"I just returned from wonderful 3 days of shooting quail at JCR.  My Brittany (and I) love that place!"  – Ed Manion, Tucson, AZ

"Everyone there is amazing and so helpful.  We do appreciate all the attention that is given to us as I'm sure do all your other members"  – Susan Duran, Assistant to Dan Singleton, COO, Harland Clark

"After just two years out at this wonderful lodge in the little town of Welfare, Texas, I have had some of my best summer memories and experiences of my life.  Interaction with shotguns and rifles at a younger age through Joshua Creek's summer program has strengthened my respect for these weapons.  Engaging with such an amazing set of staff members those weeks was such a blessing." – Morgan McMillian (attendee of Joshua Creek Ranch's summer youth program)

"Though this was a corporate business entertainment trip, the quality of facilities and level of service were such that I anticipate booking a personal trip to Joshua Creek.  Tremendous value." – Gary McCullough

"Thank you so much for hosting our 1st and 2nd annual Young Life Clays Shoot. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time there for our fundraisers. Your staff is amazing and has always taken great care of us. The lunch you provided was incredible as well. The facility is first class and the clays course has spectacular views. Many of our participants come to our fundraiser so they can come back or come see Joshua Creek Ranch for the first time. Thank you for being a part of helping Young Life Boerne raise money for our organization. We look forward to many more events with you." – Chad Yarbrough, Boerne Young Life Committee

" We really enjoyed our visit to your great ranch.  Every year it gets better.  Everything was perfect. We look forward to next year's visit to Joshua Creek."– Michael Osowski, President, Oasis Energy

"We had an amazing time last week. The weather held out and the course was great. We really liked the added stations." - Ron Vogel, VP Marketing and Supply, North East/Mid Atlantic Region, BP Energy Company, Houston, Texas

"When I met Jim, I could tell that he was a fun loving, good natured guy who loved the outdoors. We had a beautiful day to enjoy, so we got in my Jeep and drove down to the stream. The weather was just right and very comfortable. Jim told me about some of the places he had fished in the past, and I was impressed by the high quality water that he had been to. As he began fishing , I could tell that he loved being out on the water in the Texas Hill Country.

Jim was that rare combination of a man who had a lot of fishing knowledge and experience, but was wise enough to listen to local expert advice. He listened to my coaching and followed my instructions and it paid off for him in spades. He caught fish after fish after fish and this delighted him.

We would finish fishing one area and then drive the Jeep to the next spot, so this gave us some more time to visit. Jim talked about his wife and family. He said the he and his wife were really enjoying their retirement years and had traveled many places together and loved it. He said that he was especially fond of fishing and that his wife had her hobbies that she was very passionate about. He praised his wife and children and said that he was a very blessed and happy man. He was a happy man who was full of life and I am just stunned that he is gone.

By the end of the day, Jim had mastered 2 of my techniques and this gave him extra confidence about future fishing opportunities. Jim was impressed by the large size of the trout he had caught and remarked that if you wanted to catch big fish you had to come to Texas. He inquired about other types of fishing that might be available and we exchanged contact information for another trip.

Jim was very generous to me at the end of the day. I think all of those big fish must have still been on his mind. In all my years as a fishing guide I have guided many other people, but only one other person caught as many fish as Jim did.

In closing I would like to say that Jim Morrison was one of the most personable clients I have ever had an consider it and honor to have been his guide. " -Brad Wood, Fishing Guide, May 2014