Youth Outdoor Adventure Program (YOAP)

Youth Outdoor Adventure Program

For more than twenty-seven years Joshua Creek Ranch has been among the premier hunting lodges in the world. The staff at Joshua Creek is committed to excellence and passionate about hunting birds and deer. Instilling a like passion in youngsters is the foundation for the Youth Outdoor Adventure Program (YOAP) initiated in 1993. That program has been primarily focused on introducing youngsters to the world of shooting and hunting in a safe, responsible, ethical way. Through the years many YOAPers have expressed a desire for more focus on hunting and the opportunity to develop sporting skills at a more advanced level. From that, YOAP EXTREME was launched in 2013. 


YOAP EXTREME is an intensive week-long summer program at Joshua Creek Ranch featuring four sessions with a max of four kids in each session. Each session is led by certified professionals and lifelong outdoor sporting enthusiasts who provide focused attention on each child for an entire week.

A Lifetime of Encounters in One Unforgettable Week Will Include...

  • YOAPERS will hone their shotgunning skills under professional instructors at various activities including wobble trap, our world class sporting clays course and even with live birds.
  • The Woodbury taxidermy field trip shows the many steps of processing animals from around the world—from hanging carcass’ to beautifully finished mounts.
  • YOAP Extreme offers participants a chance to learn how to operate and fire many calibers of rifles and pistols.
  • YOAP Extreme participants love paddling the cypress-lined Guadalupe River all afternoon, grilling their dinner on the campfire and spending the night in a tent under a canopy of Texas stars.
  • Along Joshua Creek and the Guadalupe River, the children are taught the fine art of fly fishing by lifetime fishers. Perch, bass, and catfish are frequently caught (and eaten!).
  • The trophy exotic hunts are a special treat as the guide and child track, spot and stalk their animal through the ruggedly beautiful Hill Country terrain.
  • The YOAP Extreme kids will get the chance to learn about and shoot recurve, compound, and cross bows at foam animal targets from various distances.
  • Every afternoon the YOAPERS swim in the spring fed Joshua Creek and spend time learning to identify plants and animals and how to use a map and compass.
  • Nights are filled with fire building, predator calls, star gazing, and hunting stories around the campfire at the Stone Haus.

Summer 2018 Dates

  • Session I  Grades 5-7, June 10-16
  • Session II  Grades 6-8, June 17-23
  • Session III Grades 8-10, July 8-14
  • Session IV Grades 7-9, July 22-28

Limit 4 participants per session
(*Other dates can be made available if a group of 4 boys or 4 girls agree to come together.)

Youth Program Rates




Opportunity to hunt and harvest one Axis doe and one exotic trophy sheep or goat (NewZealand Goat, Catalina Goat, Marino Ram, Corsican Ram, Painted Ram, Black Hawaiian Ram, or Texas Dall Ram)


Opportunity to upgrade the exotic trophy to an Axis Buck, Mouflon Ram, Aoudad Ram, Black Buck, or Hybrid Ibex. 

All YOAP program packages include:

  • Loaner guns
  • Fly rods
  • Flies
  • Ammo
  • Instructor fees
  • Lodging and meals

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