Opening Weekend


Tree Sculpture

Larry Lefner, wood sculptor extaordinare, has started his newest project at Joshua Creek Ranch.  Unfortunately, a beautiful mature Live Oak tree that adorned the drive into JCR was struck by lightning a year ago.   Rather than cut it down, we’ve decided to make a sculpture to continue the tree’s legacy.

Jana, Larry’s wife, has been keeping a blog of the entire process with some great photos of the tree in different stages.  Follow her on her website.  


Catchin' and Cookin'


The evening called out to fly-fishers. The sun was low, the air barely stirred leaving a glassy surface on the narrow water, perfectly reflecting the newly leaved Cypress trees backlit by the pink and orange sky of sunset.

I grab my fly rod, a bead-headed prince nymph tied tightly to my leader and head for the creekbank. Easing up to the grassy edge I see three trout lazily swirling about the rocky bottom. I cast.

Sporting Classics' Chuck Wechsler Visits JCR


Last week, Joshua Creek Ranch was privileged to welcomed Chuck Wechsler, Publisher and Editor of Sporting Classics, “America’s Finest Hunting and Fishing Magazine.”  Chuck arrived late Sunday evening, April 17th, thrilled to be back at Joshua Creek for the second time, keen on finally shooting a trophy Axis buck. 

Ann's Kercheville's - Shotgun Wife - Chronicles of a Hunting Lodge Life

The Ultimate Solitary Think Tank

I’m approaching one of those BIG milestone birthdays.  You know, one of those that ends in a “0;” one where the total of your past years is a higher percentage than the total of your expected future years.  One that makes you stop and think about your life:  past, present, and future.

People Don't See What You Do

I maintain that people don’t notice what you do, but they do see what you don’t do. For example, nobody seems to notice when there’s no litter along the roadway; but drive down a road dotted with obvious litter and there’s invariably the observation, “Gee, this place is trashy.”

Using a Hunting Venue for Business Entertainment

I’ve used hunting as a venue for client entertainment since I started my investment career 40+ years ago. I’ve been on several different leases in South Texas for whitetail deer and quail, but the best opportunity for client entertainment came when my wife, Ann, and I opened our Texas Hill Country ranch to guests in 1990.

I became my own best client at Joshua Creek Ranch because all the premises on which the operation was established were based on my personal experiences of what makes a great wingshooting destination:

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