People Don't See What You Do

I maintain that people don’t notice what you do, but they do see what you don’t do. For example, nobody seems to notice when there’s no litter along the roadway; but drive down a road dotted with obvious litter and there’s invariably the observation, “Gee, this place is trashy.”

Same goes for a business establishment. Dirty windows or bathrooms, neglected landscaping, unfriendly employees or littered premises will always get noticed and probably even remembered. But careful attention to those kinds of details is an unspoken expectation and therefore may go totally unnoticed.

The folks at Joshua Creek Ranch are incredibly conscientious about tending to the little details that make guests fail to discover things undone. Things like sweeping the patios, stocking the firewood, picking up spent shells in the hunting fields and on the sporting clays course, sparkling clean rooms and restrooms, fresh smelling linens, high quality rental shotguns, timely meals and hunts, friendly and professional staff, and on and on.

At the risk of sounding preachy, Joshua Creek Ranch employees often hear me say: “People don’t see what you do, they see what you don’t do. So keep your eyes open for any little thing that would be a negative in the eyes of our guests.” Employees at the ranch know I’m serious about this, since passing by a piece of litter at Joshua Creek Ranch without stopping to pick it up is grounds for dismissal.

We take pride in maintaining Joshua Creek Ranch as a pristine environment for our guests’ enjoyment. We appreciate it when guests let us know of anything about their experience at the ranch that was a disappointment to them. We can’t fix it if we don’t know about it.


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