Using a Hunting Venue for Business Entertainment

I’ve used hunting as a venue for client entertainment since I started my investment career 40+ years ago. I’ve been on several different leases in South Texas for whitetail deer and quail, but the best opportunity for client entertainment came when my wife, Ann, and I opened our Texas Hill Country ranch to guests in 1990.

I became my own best client at Joshua Creek Ranch because all the premises on which the operation was established were based on my personal experiences of what makes a great wingshooting destination:

  • Habitat that holds birds tight
  • A guide who is knowledgeable and handles his dogs professionally
  • Pointing dogs that stay in reasonably close range
  • Flushing dogs that put a hard rush on the birds
  • Birds that fly like bullets
  • Someone to clean and package the harvested game
  • Interesting things to do between hunts, like clay shooting and fly fishing
  • An outdoor fire pit for evening camaraderie
  • A good cook who serves game native to the area hunted
  • A good bed in a clean comfortable accommodation
  • An owner committed to a pristine environment and excellent experience
  • Consistently good experience time after time

So after 20 years does Joshua Creek Ranch still measure up to the criteria we originally established to measure excellence in a wingshooting destination? You bet it does. It remains my first choice when it comes to entertaining my clients.

Ann and I still hunt and fish different places around the world and when we run across an idea that will improve Joshua Creek Ranch, we take that idea home and add it to the amenities that have made Joshua Creek Ranch a premier sporting experience.


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