Sporting Classics' Chuck Wechsler Visits JCR


Last week, Joshua Creek Ranch was privileged to welcomed Chuck Wechsler, Publisher and Editor of Sporting Classics, “America’s Finest Hunting and Fishing Magazine.”  Chuck arrived late Sunday evening, April 17th, thrilled to be back at Joshua Creek for the second time, keen on finally shooting a trophy Axis buck. 

“I don’t usually get excited about going back to a ranch I’ve already been to, but this place is definitely worth returning to!” he fervently declared.  “I’ve studied up on Axis.  I bet I could answer any question you throw at me,” he bragged to Eric and me as we were catching up since his last visit.

“Do you know what they’re called in India?” I asked jokingly.

“Chital!” he quickly responded almost before I could finish the question.

I had to give it to him.  He wasn’t kidding. 

The plan was to hunt early mornings, days, and evenings for Chuck’s hard-horned trophy buck until he had to return home on a flight Thursday afternoon.  We all knew it would be a challenge considering it was still somewhat early in the season with most of bucks in or just coming-out of velvet.  Eric was to be his guide for this visit, so he took Chuck down to the rifle range Sunday evening to be sure his rifle was dead on.

The early-mornings and late-evenings went on with Eric and Chuck seeing hundreds of Axis, but still not bringing down their hard-horned trophy.  “They were all in velvet.  Every one of them!” I heard Chuck say on more than a few occasions.  But Chuck knows the game, and he stuck with it.  Finally, mid-day on Wednesday a very nice hard-horned buck stepped out in front of them.  It was just shy of a 32" buck that he had passed on a few days earlier, but it was starting to get late into his trip, and he surely didn’t want to go home empty-handed.  So Chuck steadily placed the crosshairs on the buck and squeezed the trigger.  The animal dropped dead in his tracks.  Buck down.

The buck measured out to 30” in length.  Not quite the hopeful 34” + trophy but still an excellent buck.

“Hell, that just gives me an excuse to come back and do it again sometime!”

Congratulations Chuck!  Come back again, and we'll give it another shot!



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