It was driven pheasant shooting in Scotland in the late 1980’s that inspired the opening of Joshua Creek Ranch for hunters in 1990. The beauty of this countryside with its dramatically diverse terrain created the perfect scenario for driven shooting as well as the ideal habitat for walk-up hunting for a variety of upland birds.

From mid-September through March, Texas bobwhite quail are found in great number on the ranch as are pheasant and chukar. Starting in December each year, hunters can also harvest Hungarian partridge. Traditional Walk-up Hunting with guides and dogs is the most popular style of hunting at Joshua Creek Ranch. Great care has been taken over the 20+ years of operation to develop and manage prime cover and food plots for attracting and holding gamebirds. Professional guides use both pointing and flushing dogs to ensure hunters of finding an abundance of birds and getting a hard flush when the birds fly.

Drive sites for European-style driven pheasant shoots have been developed all over the ranch. Guides use the rugged areas above the bottom lands to drive pheasants high over the guns…just imagine scores of prime pheasants exploding from bluffs and ridges to challenge your shotgunning skill as they lift high overhead. Driven shoots can be organized for as little as a half-day, allowing opportunity for American hunters to experience this exciting style of shooting without having to spend the time and money to go across the Atlantic.

Continental pheasant shoots give a similar experience as driven shooting, but in a more controlled setting. From a central tower, pheasants are released to challenge shooters who rotate through ten stations, each set in a different habitat location to give a variety of shots…high incoming, snap shots through tree tops, high left and right crossers.

Commitment to excellence has earned Joshua Creek Ranch the designation as a Beretta Trident Lodge for excellence in upland bird hunting, ensuring hunters of an exceptional experience from the field,to the table, to the lodging.

Joshua Creek Ranch is also delighted to announce the extention of your wingshooting opportunities during the year with the addition of exceptional dove hunting packages on dozens of leases scouted daily within just a short drive of the ranch.  While it's still too warm for our dogs to begin scouring the pastures, dove season is in full swing come September 1st.  Anyone that has experienced the dove hunting just southwest of San Antonio can vouch to it being some of Texas' finest white-wing and mourning dove hunting!  

Packages have been designed to give guests lots of options for length of stay and variety of shooting styles. Joshua Creek Ranch specializes in customizing packages to suit your particular preferences.

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