Youth Program Rates


YOAP EXTREME is a week of EXTRAORDINARY experiences designed to build skill and competence in “sporting life” outdoor adventures including:

  • Shotgun, rifle, and pistol shooting, archery, and fly fishing
  • Hunting exotic big game with bow and rifle
  • Shooting live birds
  • Calling and hunting varmints at night
  • Fishing from kayaks on the Guadalupe River and camping overnight
  • Harvesting, skinning, processing and cooking wild game
  • Maintaining guns and fishing rods and reels
  • Learning all about ammo

$5,990 includes the opportunity to hunt and harvest one Axis doe and one exotic trophy sheep or goat (New Zealand Goat, Catalina Goat, Marino Ram, Corsican Ram, Painted Ram, Black Hawaiian Ram, or Texas Dall Ram)

$6,990 includes the opportunity to upgrade the exotic trophy to an Axis Buck, Mouflon Ram, Aoudad Ram, Black Buck, Hybrid Ibex, or Pere David Deer.
*Prices include loaner guns, fly rods, flies, ammo, instructor fees, lodging and meals.

Prices are subject to change without notice.