Shooting Instruction

Shooting Instruction

Joshua Creek Ranch employs full-time shooting instructors for beginning and novice shooters. The wobble trap is the perfect set-up for instruction in shooting a great variety of target presentations, and practicing gun mount, swing and target leads. For experienced shooters who want to polish their skill, professional instructors can be arranged to meet with you at the ranch.

Shotgun Shooting Instruction

1 person with 1 instructor $85/hour
2-3 people with 1 instructor $125/hour
4-8 people with 1 instructor $160/hour
  • Instruction is lead by an NRA Certified instructor
  • Instructor fee is in addition to targets

Advance appointments are required for shooting instructions. Please contact us to set up your lesson.

Handgun Shooting Instruction  

Courses Offered


Basic Handgun Orientation (1hour) $85/hour
Basic Handgun Orientation + Shooting Instruction (2 hours) $220/person*

*Includes instructor, range access, targets, eye & ear protection, rental gun & ammo.

License-To-Carry Certification Class

Non-Members $100/person
Members $90/person
Military Veterans $90/person
  • Instruction by NRA certified instructor
  • Fee covers state required training course, LTC application forms, range & targets, eye & ear protection, snacks & beverages. Does not cover state application fee or cost for fingerprinting. IMPORTANT NOTE: THIS IS NOT A HANDGUN INSTRUCTION CLASS!!!
  • Cost to rent handgun for LTC class (includes ammo): $35/person

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