Special Occasions

Special Occasions

Summertime at Joshua Creek Ranch provides a breathtaking setting for retreats and reunions.

When you need a customized outing or event planned, for a myriad of special occasions, Joshua Creek Ranch is the perfect choice.  We focus on the individual first, and after we understand your ideas, goals, and vision, we produce the custom outing you want.  Every event is different – from a festive party to the simple elegance of a business event and hunt, Joshua Creek Ranch works to deliver the atmosphere, mood, and spectacular presentation and setting your event requires. 

Whether it’s an awards dinner, a birthday celebration, a grand opening, or a professional gathering, our experienced staff will develop a creative concept for your event and produce it with focused commitment and utmost care.  With a strong reputation for excellence, superior client service, and stunning results, Joshua Creek Ranch is the perfect venue for that special event. If you need an excuse to celebrate, and then someone to put it all together – Joshua Creek Ranch can help. 

Your custom event will be planned with creativity, polish, and professionalism.  Contact Joshua Creek Ranch today for more information on our custom outing and event planning. 

Some examples of custom events include:

  • Wedding Rehearsal Dinners
  • Reunions
  • Business Meetings
  • Workshop Retreats
  • Special Breakfast, Luncheon, or Dinner Engagements
  • Musical Events
  • Holiday Events
  • Product Releases
  • Grand Opening Celebrations
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Anniversaries

Take advantage of a slower summer pace while enjoying the same accommodations and service that have guests raving with satisfaction during the hunting or high season. Summer season means we shift from the call of the hunt to the call of the hammock! Menus are similar to high season, but a lighter fare. Also, if your event is one that emphasizes special dietary alternatives, such as “low carb” or a vegetarian menu, our staff is pleased to accommodate you.

Families are a joy to have at Joshua Creek Ranch and we are passionate about making certain that your family reunion is the most memorable one ever! All ages enjoy the extensive outdoor activities available at the ranch, but plenty of shade is available for those who choose to simply relax and enjoy the scenery.

The maximum overall capacity for overnight lodging accommodations is 42-50 guests, but if you have a need for more lodging, a variety of hotels are available in Boerne, just 15 minutes away. Retreat and reunion guests can enjoy all the activities the ranch has to offer even if not staying on the property.

If the activities offered at the ranch aren’t enough to keep your group busy and entertained, just remember that Joshua Creek Ranch is at the center of the Texas Hill Country. Almost everything is within 30 to 60 minutes of the ranch: Sea World, Six Flags, Tapatio Springs (for golf), Enchanted Rock, Canyon Lake, Fredericksburg, Comfort, Kerrville, Bandera, Boerne and more.