Joshua Creek Ranch has professionally trained field dogs -- pointers, flushers and retrievers -- that are handled by experienced guides on all upland bird hunts. They are truly a sight to behold as they expertly perform their job in the field. You'll enjoy watching the variety of breeds at work: English Setters, German Short-Hair Pointers, Springers, Brittanies, and the energetic, hardworking little English Cockers. We're always thrilled to greet the arrival of a new litter of pups and we're always happy to offer some of those pups for sale when they're ready to be weened. From time to time we will also announce the arrival of litters of pups from our friends and members.

Check below under “Kennel Announcements” for news about puppies for sale, or retired dogs needing good homes.

We welcome you to board your hunting dog(s) at Joshua Creek Ranch, and we offer a unique training program that ultimately includes the possibility of our guides working your dog(s) in the JCR hunting program.

Kennel Announcements

Call the Ranch (830-537-5090) for details, history, and ages of available dogs. From time to time we will have retired dogs for sale or to give to a good home. Also, we often have puppies for sale! Please call to find out if we have a litter ready to go, or one on the way! A list is maintained of folks interested in acquiring a pup from the JCR kennels.

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