Hunting Rules

Deer Hunting Policies & Guidelines

Return harvests are permitted for GUIDED BUCK HUNTS ONLY and only if a fair harvest opportunity (determined at guide's discretion) was not presented to the hunter. If you are not presented with a fair opportunity to harvest a buck during your visit (as determined by your guide), you may return within 1 year, incurring only lodging, dining, guide and blind fees -- but no additional harvest fees. Return harvests are only permitted for bucks and only for guided hunts. There are no return harvest opportunities for does that may be included in your deer hunting package. If you take and miss your shot, or if you wound a deer, even if the animal is not recovered, this will be considered a fair opportunity meaning all package charges will apply and the buck will be considered killed.

  1. You must sight-in your rifle before going to the blind; or you must at least shoot your rifle to confirm its accuracy.
  2. Deer become accustomed to morning or evening hunt patterns and they often begin feeding in mid-day. We encourage you to stay in your blind as long as possible to improve your chances of harvesting a deer.
  3. Stay inside your blind until you are picked up. You could disturb other hunters and also disturb the deer. If you have “the urge,” do it as close to the blind as you can and get right back into the blind.
  4. When you shoot a deer, be sure it is within range, and that the shot has a high probability of resulting in a kill. If several deer are present, make sure you separate a deer before you take a shot so that you don’t wound other deer in addition to the one you kill. If you shoot and wound a deer, do not track it immediately, causing it to run from the vicinity in which it was shot. Stay in your blind and wait for a guide or ranch hand to assist with the search. In the time you wait, the deer will likely lay down nearby and either die or become extremely weak from blood loss. Do not leave your blind for any reason. Other hunters are out. However, if it is close to dark and you have a wounded deer out of sight, try to locate a blood trail just before dark. Mark it, then wait for a guide to track the deer.
  5. When you wound any deer, it is considered a kill whether the deer is found or not. If you shoot a deer that does not drop, try to shoot it again before it is out of range, then call the office so we can assist you. 
  6. Hunters are encouraged to shoot varmints at no charge, including hogs, foxes, raccoons, coyotes, skunks, bobcats, etc.
  7. Except for hunters participating in a morning gamebird hunt, deer hunters will be picked up from their blinds at approximately 10:30 A.M. or at dark in the evening. If you need to leave your blind before that time, call the office from your cell phone.
  8. Turkeys are in season during part of the deer season. You can shoot a turkey for the harvest fee while deer hunting. If shooting a turkey with a rifle, aim at the point where the breast begins to flare at the base of the neck.
  9. Clean up your blind before you leave and take any trash with you. Close windows and doors. Subsequent hunters appreciate this courtesy.
  10. All hunters must report to the office before departing the ranch.

Wingshooting Policies & Guidelines

  1. Reservations are required in advance of hunting. Morning hunts start at 9:00 a.m. and afternoon hunts begin at 2:00 p.m.
  2. Limit is counted by birds shot.
  3. Bird hunting season is mid-September through March.
  4. Prices include birds, guides, dogs, complimentary snacks & beverages and complimentary lunch (reservation required).
  5. Additional fee for single occupancy or upgrade to Stone Haus, Porch Haus, Covey Haus or Patio Suite.
  6. Prices exclude hunting licenses, ammunition, game processing, lodging tax, gratuities for hunting guides and food service, pro shop purchases, and alcoholic beverages.
  7. Complimentary Wobble Trap warm-up shooting is available prior to your hunt.
  8. Complimentary catch and release fly-fishing is available to all hunters. Rainbow Trout are stocked November through May. Bring your own gear or rental gear is available at the Pro Shop.
  9. All hunts are guided by experienced professionals handling well-trained dogs.
  10. No more than 3 hunters or observers with each guide on a walk-up hunt. Parties of 4 or more will go with 2 or more guides. Minimum hunter age is 12 years.
  11. Rental guns (12, 20, 28 and .410 gauge) are available at the Pro Shop for $25/half day for a Beretta and $30/half day for a Rizzini. Advance reservation is recommended to ensure availability.
  12. Hunting licenses are required and may be obtained in the Pro Shop. Non-residents of Texas may obtain a Banded Bird License.
  13. Layered clothing and comfortable walking boots are recommended