Service Fee

Why does JCR charge a Service Fee and what does it cover?

Since 1990, it has been the mission of Joshua Creek Ranch to provide its members and guests with an exceptional and memorable experience and to be recognized as the “The Best” starting from the reservation process and extending throughout the entire guest experience.

It takes a commitment to excellence, ongoing investment and a dedicated team of hard-working individuals to deliver this experience to JCR guests year-round. In support of this commitment, a 12% Service Fee will be added to your final bill to cover all JCR staff gratuities and Ranch amenities offered for your pleasure and convenience.

The staff gratuities portion of your Service Fee will be shared appropriately among all of the JCR Team Members that have worked so hard to make your visit enjoyable. This includes your guides, food & beverage service staff as well as those who take your reservations, do the housekeeping, maintain the dog kennels, tend to the pool and landscaping, to name a few. We’re a team and have made a practice of pooling and sharing gratuities among all the staff.

It is 100% discretionary for you to give any staff member of the JCR team any gratuity over and above the Service Fee that is added to your final invoice. If you choose to tip a team member additionally, that amount belongs to that individual alone as designated by you. The Service Fee charged on your final invoice is shared among the entire team, including the individual you may choose to reward additionally.

The amenities portion of your Service Fee provides for wi-fi in all common areas and accommodations at the Ranch, access to a large selection of satellite television channels, beverage stations in common areas, and access to the pool, hot tub and Joshua Creek for Members and guests who are hunting and/or lodging at the ranch.